Bio-Gate successfully markets antiviral and antibacterial Protective Film Spray for surfaces


October 2020 Press releases

Bio-Gate successfully markets antiviral and antibacterial Protective Film Spray for surfaces

  • Protective Film Spray from Bio-Gate used for the first time in public transport in Nuremberg
  • Advanced negotiations with further potential customers
  • Successful commercialization for use in schools, public transport, banks and fitness studios

Nuremberg, 28. October 2020 – Bio-Gate AG (ISIN DE000BGAG981), one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative technologies and individual solutions for health and hygiene, has successfully launched the new antiviral and antibacterial MSBG-Tec Protective Film Spray. The spray is being used in the public transport system in Nuremberg to supplement the existing hygiene measures.

This was preceded by a successful field study in buses, in which the Protective Film Spray showed a high and lasting efficacy. Even more than a week after spraying, a germ reduction of around 90 percent was measured on the handrails, straps, handles and seats of the buses that were tested. This was achieved under the normal, daily use of the buses during passenger transport. In addition to its lasting effect, Bio-Gate’s Protective Film Spray is skin-friendly and easy to apply. Besides the handrails and handles, the spray can also be applied to the seats and other textile surfaces. If the technology is applied e.g. directly after basic cleaning, the hygiene status can be maintained or extended for a longer period of time, as cleaning and disinfection measures usually do not last long.

VAG in Nuremberg is one of the first adopters of the MSBG-Tec impregnation spray in Germany, along with another domestic transport company and customers abroad. Follow-up orders are in preparation. The spray application is always verified by a certified test laboratory that checks the effectiveness of the treatment.

The MSBG-Tec Protective Film Spray has been proven to inactivate enveloped viruses. In addition to the current corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), these include SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and flu viruses. It represents a modern concept for a more sustainable treatment that strengthens the effectiveness of existing cleaning cycles and it is suitable for COVID-19 prevention. The spray also has an antibacterial effect and has an odour-binding technology that immediately reduces unpleasant odours in mass transport vehicles.

The use of Bio-Gate’s solutions in public institutions and local public transport is a forward-looking measure to respond to the second wave of increasing COVID-19 infection rates. Especially in public transport, the safety of passengers can be further increased with additional passive hygiene standards. In addition to the use of the spray, Bio-Gate organises regular hygiene monitoring, which is carried out by a certified laboratory from Nuremberg on a random basis in all means of transport or other public facilities.

Thomas Konradt, Director of Business Development at Bio-Gate AG, says: “The MSBG-Tec Protective Film Spray is a registered product, through the use of which our customers achieve a guaranteed high-quality hygiene management in a natural way. Our technology is antiviral, antimicrobial and odour-binding. It also has a lasting effect”. Marc Lloret-Grau, CEO, adds: “We are very pleased that we have already convinced the first customers of our solutions. In addition to local and long-distance passenger transport, the Protective Film Spray can also be easily and effectively used in public institutions, schools and cinemas to supplement the existing hygiene strategy in these facilities. In this way, we are making a contribution by providing people in enclosed spaces with the highest possible level of safety during these challenging times and we are enabling a return to normality despite corona”.

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