Health Technologies.

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Company Profile

Bio-Gate AG is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative technologies and customised solutions for health and hygiene. Our aim is to make living together safer and healthier and to improve the well-being of all individuals.

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With our technologies and antimicrobial strategies, we enhance materials and products and, thereby improve the quality of life of people and animals alike. In particular, we focus on products in the medical technology sector such as the coating of medical implants and wound dressings. In addition, our technologies are also used to incorporate antimicrobial properties into dermatological skincare and cosmetic products and as well as industrial and consumer products, like paints, coatings and plastics, thus, increasing the value proposition of these products in a unique manner.

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Medical Technology

With our technologies and antimicrobial strategies, we transform materials into exceptional products and, in doing so, improve the quality of life. Particularly, we focus on products from the medical technology sector.

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Derma Cosmetics

Pollution, excessive sun exposure, stress, poor diet, and a derailed skin flora are all harmful influences and factors that our skin – our largest organ, is exposed to on a daily basis. Our technology supports and nurtures your skin.

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The main reasons for owners to take pets to the vet are for ear infections and skin problems. This is where products with MicroSilver BG™ for long-term care really come into play. In addition, Bio-Gate’s technologies also have important applications in livestock animals.

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Industry +

There are numerous applications for our technology in the industrial and consumer sectors. They render textiles more skin-friendly, are employed in hygiene sprays and are used to enhance plastic products with antimicrobial properties – right up to the point of coating door handles for the protection against bacteria.

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