Bio-Gate expands customer base for antiviral and antibacterial products


May 2021 Press releases

Bio-Gate expands customer base for antiviral and antibacterial products

  • MSBG-Tec protective film spray from Bio-Gate complements hygiene strategies in public spaces
  • Antiviral mask hygiene spray available for end users
  • Successful tests on FFP2 (KN95) masks provides additional safety for users of everyday masks

Nuremberg/Bremen, 24 May 2021 – Bio-Gate AG (ISIN DE000BGAG981), a leading provider of innovative technologies and individual solutions for health and hygiene, has acquired further customers for the antiviral and antibacterial MSBG-Tec protective film spray, which is already being used in various public areas. In addition, another product from the antiviral range, the Hygiene Mask Spray, which was specially developed to meet the high demand in the retail market, is being distributed via retail partners.

The protective film spray is already being successfully used in local public transport, in various public institutions, day-care centres and in the health care sector. Recently, new customers have been acquired from different sectors which has expanded the existing business. For the MSBG-Tec protective film spray, further suppliers in the field of local public transport were acquired. In addition to Nuremberg and Fürth, various providers in Austria, such as the Innsbruck public transport company, also use the spray to effectively supplement their existing hygiene strategies. Bio-Gate is currently in a large number of discussions with the public transport companies of almost all major German and Austrian cities.

Protection in hygienic sensitive areas

The spray is suitable for use in rooms where many people come together. These include particularly hygiene-sensitive areas such as nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Long before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Bio-Gate had already supported the first facilities with antibacterial solutions. With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, antiviral solutions came to the forefront. In the meantime, various care facilities are using Bio-Gate’s products to improve the existing hygiene regime and to protect residents and staff. These include NürnbergStift, which operates several care facilities and senior housing complexes at the local level. In addition, the MSBG-Tec protective film spray is used in other healthcare facilities such as doctor clinics, podiatrists or physiotherapists clinics, as well as in schools, kindergartens and company offices. The product will soon be offered in more than 12,000 veterinary practices in Germany and Austria via the distribution partner COVETRUS.

The MSBG-Tec protective film spray has been proven to inactivate enveloped viruses. In addition to the current coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), this also includes SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and influenza viruses, for example. It thus represents a modern concept for a more sustainable enhancement and reinforcement of existing cleaning cycles and is suitable to help reduce COVID-19 transmission via surfaces. The spray also has an antimicrobial effect and features odour-binding technology. The product is manufactured at Bio-Gate’s production facility in Bremen, Germany.


Antiviral hygiene mask spray for the end user

In addition to the surface sprays, Bio-Gate successfully markets a textile and mask spray for retail customers. The textile and mask spray is available in German retail stores under the brand name “Vitalia” and is sold by Bio-Gate’s customer Dr. Kleine Pharma GmbH. It is also offered under the brand “BioEpiderm” in online pharmacies and in retail pharmacy stores in Germany. In North America the product is sold under the brand “PurLif”.

This is sprayed onto conventional masks before use to inactivate enveloped viruses on the surface of the mask. The antiviral and antimicrobial effect lasts longer. This provides the user with an additional safety measure against COVID-19, by helping to reduce the risk of spreading viruses while putting on and taking off the mask. The spray has also been successfully tested on FFP2 (KN95) masks by a certified testing laboratory.

The production of the antiviral products is based on Bio-Gate’s innovative platform technologies. In addition to the surface spray that has already been successfully launched on the market, the antiviral product range currently includes the textile and mask spray, a hand sanitiser, hand gels and hand creams. Further products are under development. In addition to antiviral products, awareness is also increasing for antimicrobial solutions, which offer important additions to existing hygiene strategies. Bio-Gate has extremely effective products to reduce the risk of infections and to help protect people.

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